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Hi John, For the past several years I've been independently studying out of your books. Thank you for all that you've contributed to my own personal growth as a drummer and for all that you've done for the drumming community at large. I just got The Master Drummer book from Hudson and am looking forward to studying from it. But first, I need to finish working on the accented paradiddle triplets in The Jazz Drummer's Workshop :)
by Doug KleiberAugust 24, 2022 6:57 PM
Hi John, I saw your presentation last year at PASIC. Will you be publishing anything more on that and/or can you provide a link for the materials that you presented?
by Joe MorganAugust 12, 2022 1:06 PM
Hi John, is there any practice structure you recommend for early stage jazz drummers? Thank you.
by Luis LópezJuly 29, 2022 9:51 AM
I followed your presentation at Modern Drummer Festival 2011. I purchased the link to the festival. Inside the presentation there is also a PDF format. I noticed that only a small part of the PDF format you are presenting is shown. Is it possible to receive / purchase the entire PDF format you have presented?. I really appreciate the vast knowledge you have in the world of music in general and jazz in particular. Years of practicing with your instruction books, which have helped me learn and progress in playing the drums. Thanks. Asher Redansky. Email: aartr@netvision.net.il
by Asher RedanskyJuly 17, 2022 10:19 AM
thank you for giving me good motivation I am now making progress but there are many challenges that I face at this time I'd like to ask - How do I control myself playing a song at a medium tempo because I like it too fast? - how to create dynamics and drum variations when playing with a band? - what should i do to become a professional drummer i am currently practicing ? thank you I'm so glad you can help me
by dionMay 31, 2022 8:42 PM
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